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Property Renovation
Need a license to buy weapons from "Gun Shops"
Refund for old ownable vehicles and houses.
New Drugs System
Dialogs for most common things, such as rent a vehicle or buy menus and so on.
New Anti-Cheat System more secure than ever befor!
No longer will Mats Factory be available
Checkpoints instead of basic commands in interiors/bizes such as /buygun, /drink etc auto dialog opens up
Drug effects are now 5 minutes long and there's a effect that comes with it.
Cannot strafe with weapons unless your in LSPD or you have a weapon license and train for it at Ammunation.
If you die to spawn back to your death location untill you /accept death
Mac-10's and Tec-9's are now available and are not able to jog/run with while shooting
More realistic seatbelt system, will be damage if you get into a car accident or hit something real hard.
Government bank, If no money in it you will not make anything from paychecks or jobs, All Tax Money goes inside Government Back and every month we add 2 million to it.
More Responsible Taxes for new players the more cash you got the more tax you will have to pay.
NPCs will be added threw out LS such as to the "Ammunations" and the "24/7's", Drugs System and such.
No longer will people beable to own "Gun Shops".
To plant weed it'll take now "1 hour to grow fully".
The max armour you'll beable to get now on is "50%" from gun shops or drugs.
The NPC bot to give "cocaine" will only be available at some parts of the day.
All weapons on you save including your armor and health so inventory is removed.
MySQL Scripted fully for all cfg's and account files and all of them converted
If you haven't signed on for over 60 days your properties and vehicles auto sell.
New Interior for the Prison and Armory for LSPD to load up on weapons.
IRC Channels will now only be for unofficial factions or groups and lvl 3 + admins can make people admin of channels.
IRC System made for our official PR-RP IRC Channel on SA-MP IRC with features for admins to see "/report and admin chat and able to PM users and them able to PM them back" and see if any admins are online
User Control Panel
A page to see the whole ban list with the name and IP and reason and date of the ban and who banned who!.
A New MDC System
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