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Post  M on Sat Dec 31, 2011 3:57 am

You are not allowed to distribute your donation vehicle or its vehicle keys, to anyone in the server. "
You may not abuse the non-time waiting for /ad, Spamming it or using it for non-rp actions."
You must follow the rules at all times, Even if donator you will still face the punishments that everyone else gets."
"Filing "unauthorized payment" or "Dispute" claims in any of our payment methods is not allowed. "
"No refunds are given ever!. The money you pay towards PR-RP is for a donation to help us."
"The package / Stuff you donate for is for you and you only!."
"You are not allowed to sell / transfer / exchange / give your account/belongings after donation. without our permission!."
"Any bugs, missing features or faults found in script is not the responsibility of us. Please report it!."
"You must always respect any Admin or Player, Just because you donated does not make you special."
"We have the right to change or edit these terms at anytime without notice"
"We are not responsible for any items forgetten to give to you like extra name changes or donator rank on forums or donator ventrilo channel"
We cannot be held responsible for failure to fill out the form required after payment. We also cannot be held responsible for how long it takes to get the items.
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